Washington is an Auction-House and must be Dismantled

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Ron Paul has it Right on Obama:

Washington is an Auction-House and must be Dismantled

Finally, a conservative politician is correct on Obama.   Amid all the charges lodged at Obama that “He’s a socialist” and “He’s a communist,” Ron Paul recently called it right:

“In the technical sense, in the economic definition, he is not a socialist,” the Texas Republican said to a smattering of applause at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

“He’s a corporatist,” Paul quickly added, meaning the president takes “care of corporations and corporations take over and run the country.”


I hope, as time moves on, conservatives will come to realize in ever-increasing numbers that this is, indeed, true.  Let me add a bit more to clarify why Paul made this statement.

Socialism is the ideal of public control of the means of production.  The goal of socialism is to avoid extreme concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, where those few will then be able to exploit the masses.

Communism is basically socialism on steroids.   Its proponents desire common control of almost all property, with an abolition of class distinctions.

In both socialism and communism, the common thread is, presuming wealth is already concentrated, a more equal distribution of wealth.  Many have erroneously argued that we are headed toward socialism.  However, this is not true.  For decades, we have been headed away from it.  The wealth of this nation has been moving from the middle-class, up.

With the passage of the health care bill, even more of our hard-earned dollars will be funneled into the coffers of giant insurance companies.  “Cash for Clunkers” was a pretty sweet gig for a handful of big corporations, too.  And with TARP and stimulus money, aren’t we pretty much wondering why it didn’t trickle down, and why Wall Street has, at the same time, enjoyed record profits?

Below is a chart that measures the distribution of wealth over time.   Concentration is measured in terms of the GINI coefficient.   A coefficient of 1 is where all wealth is owned by one person.   A coefficient of 0 is where wealth is distributed evenly among everyone.

As can be seen, wealth has been moving out of the pockets of the working masses (labor) and into the pockets of the elites (capital).  It is for this reason that working Americans feel the pinch and are worried about the direction of the country.   Corporations lobby Congress, the Administration and the Judiciary, and all three branches have been more than happy to oblige.   For this reason, the states and the people need to strip Washington of its power in order to ameliorate the harm done through this centralized auction-house for the rich.

Most importantly, this is the area where, if conservatives believe Paul’s observation, common ground can be reached with the left.  As I stated in a previous article, “The Conservative vs. Liberal Tail Chase:”

Are we really “conservatives” or “liberals?” It is time to think about what these words actually mean and not what Hannity and Olbermann tell us they mean.

One thing is for sure. We are the working class; corruption abounds, and we (the middle class) are not doing the corrupting. We are on the same side. We just need to recognize it and find ways to unite. We might find that none of us needs to cross to the other side of the line. There might not be a line at all.


One last observation I would like to make is that the chart above projects how long it will take before our wealth distribution is the same as Mexico’s.   Provided we stay on course, this will occur in 2043.

When we approach that point, it will then be clear to all of us, left and right, that “left” and “right” are labels that just don’t matter to us, the working class.   Mexico is so disparate that its people don’t risk life and limb to come here illegally because they are “Democrats,” “Republicans,” “Socialists,” “Capitalists” or “Libertarians.”   They come here because Mexican elites own pretty much everything.  Capital is idle, and Mexicans can’t find work.  They come here to eat and survive.  This will be our future within 30 years, if we continue down this path.

It is time for us conservatives to take heed that this is the real issue threatening us.   Washington needs to be taken down, not because we are run by socialists, but because we are controlled by corporatists, and it is much easier to bilk the middle class when political power and law-making are centralized.  The statistics prove it.

It is my hope that we conservatives will unify in our recognition that Ron Paul is right.   Once we do, this will open the door to a possible bi-partisan effort among both sides of the aisle to dismantle Washington.  As long as we argue against the left that Democrat candidates are socialists, the left sees the flaw in the arguments and rallies behind these candidates to spite us.   Once we use the right definitions and make accurate observations, the left and right just might unite.  After all, we are pretty much all in the middle class, and we are all being bilked.

Jeff Matthews is an attorney living in Houston, Texas. His current projects include the website SovereignStates, and the forthcoming organization, The National Taxpayer Takeover.

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