Texas Declaration of Non-Dependence

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Texas Declaration of Non-Dependence

Texas_seal_smWe, the citizens of the great state of Texas, reassert that Texas and our people are free. In order to guarantee this freedom for future generations, we hereby petition the federal government to acknowledge and act upon its legal obligation to uphold the Constitution which binds the federal government by: limiting the powers of the federal government to enumerated powers (Article 1, Section 8); and designating all other powers to the states and the people  (10th Amendment).

In recent times, the federal government has proposed new laws that seek powers not authorized by the Constitution. These desired powers unfairly punish the state of Texas and our citizens by redistributing Texas property to other states and federal politicians while fundamentally limiting Texas’ legal right to govern locally. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world:

Concerning Cap and Trade Legislation:

The state of Texas will lose an estimated $1.26 Billion per year;

The citizens of Texas will lose much more in increased cost of gas, food and other goods;

Politicians associated with the federal government will gain economic and political power to arbitrarily limit freedoms and assess new taxes;

The need for Cap and Trade is based upon unproven, corrupt and likely false global warming data;

Representatives of the United States have ignored opposition to Cap and Trade; the current administration has ridiculed those opposed to Cap and Trade as deniers while refusing to release raw data on relying only on a consensus of corrupt science;

Concerning Health Care Legislation:

The state of Texas will lose an estimated $2.75 Billion in new Medicare responsibilities;

The citizens of Texas will lose much more in federally mandated fees estimated at $15,000 per family; and reduced quality of health care;

Politicians associated with the federal government will gain unprecedented economic and political power by nationalizing one sixth of the U.S. economy;

The need for Heath Care legislation is built upon a faulty premise that a government run program is somehow constitutional, will be deficit neutral and will result in better services than the current private system;

Representatives of the United States have ignored opposition to Health Care legislation; majority leaders of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate have labeled those that oppose socialized health care as Nazis and Racists.

General Concerns:

Proposed laws mandate unfunded liabilities that will pillage the State of Texas’ rainy day fund of $9 Billion, likely redistributing this savings to other economically irresponsible states and forcing increased Texas state taxes;

Proposed laws unfairly punish the state of Texas, and other producer states that provide the United States with energy resources such as oil and gas;

Proposed laws will unfairly burden the citizens of Texas and our children with long term debt and oppressive restrictions on individual freedom;

Proposed laws encourage the federal government to use coercive methods, such as reallocation of federal funds, to punish states that choose to use legal and peaceful methods to oppose such laws;

Proposed laws are blatantly unconstitutional and undermine the agreed upon Constitutional contract that guaranteed limited federal powers;

Proposed laws elicit a design to reduce the citizens of Texas, and other states, under absolute despotism and dependence through forced loss of economic power and unsustainable debt;

The citizens of Texas remind representatives of the United States that the Constitution is a legal contract between the federal government and the states.  Therefore, the citizens of Texas demand that the federal government limit its powers to those authorized in the Constitution.

As citizens of Texas, we hereby proclaim, the absolute right and resolve to support and encourage state actions to abolish unconstitutional federal laws including, but not limited to, Cap and Trade and Health Care. We acknowledge the right, and duty, of state governments to use any means necessary to guarantee freedom from oppressive federal laws; including nullification, legal challenges, and as a last resort and after many attempts to persuade , dissolution of ties with an unlawful, and therefore tyrannical, federal government.

Texas will remain free.

In Liberty,

A concerned citizen of the great state of Texas

Brian Roberts is a long-time volunteer with the Texas TAC and a regular contributor to the Tenth Amendment Center website.

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14 Responses to “Texas Declaration of Non-Dependence”

  1. GloryLee says:

    I lived and worked in Texas for 3 years, until my husband's job ended there. I learned to love and respect everything about the Lone Star State, in particular the Houston area. More power to Texas's efforts to remain free and sovereign. I am also working to assure that my home state,Pennsylvania, remains true to the Constitution, defeats Obamacare and "Cap and Tax", and lives up to its heritage as The Birthplace of Freedom. I don't want to see my state or any other state desert its commitment to individual freedom and responsibility. Corruption and the rule of a despot in Washington just don't cut it. No amount of "pork" or entitlements can atone for lost liberty and self-respect.

  2. Conservative1st says:

    Online petitions are great but, paper and ink are better. Petitions could be signed at Tea Party rallies, townhalls, etc. I would be happy to sign either, or both. Btw, Governor Perry's office is taking comments regarding an Obamacare nullification law. And I talked to my state rep's office which told me several of them are looking into filing a law along the lines of Arizona's when they come back in session.

  3. tx10th says:

    Great points on the "petition" guys. When we finalize this as a petition for Texans to sign, we will make sure that we are "petitioning" the right people.

    When we get to 1000 facebook fans, we will put this online as a petition for Texas to read and sign.

  4. R. C. Jackman says:

    Why petition the federal government? To whom would the petition be sent? Perhaps we should petition our State Legislature to make a general assertion of Texas Rights. Regarding "Cap and Trade", does the federal government have a right to levey a tax not based on either income or the production and sale? Regarding "Health Care", does the government have a right to mandate the purchase of insurance? It does seem that these are two specific infringements that Texas could deny.

  5. JoeSwiss says:

    Nice sentiments. Why "petition" though, for rights you already have? Don't petition, just tell them how it's going to be. The States and the people are sovereign. This formulation "we hereby petition the federal government" sounds like right out of the 18th century.

  6. Chris says:

    Well I was the request for the Al Gore petition. I like this better. Screw the little ones (Gore), let's go to the meat (Fed. govt.). I said I would donate $50 to this site to do this. I will honor this. Email me an address and I will pay you. For anyone else that reads this, help this site out, we need this.

  7. melanie ross says:

    Love this! Would like to print copies and pass out to anyone who would take one. If we don’t fight the for our freedom we will soon find we’ve lost it. Thank you for this well written piece.

  8. Lynn says:

    I hope every Texan sign this, and it serves as a model for other states. It is clear, polite, to the point and CONSTITUTIONAL!

  9. Damien says:

    Run with it!

  10. Matthew says:

    I like it!

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  13. tx10th says:

    I received a request to draft a petition in the style of the "Al Gore" blog post from a week or so ago. This isn't exactly the same thing, but I couldn't bring myself to mention Al Gore in a petition that we were going to ask people to sign. I hope this works.

    Obviously, we will have to put together an alternative shorter version for an online petition. But if this is something you agree with let me know, and we will set up a system for signing the petition online and with ink.

    The goal would be to raise awareness among the public and to strengthen a case to state reps to let them know that we expect state reps to take a stance against these laws; in exactly the same way that we expect minority parties to challenge the majority party, we equally expect state governments to challenge unconstitutional federal action, and boldly.

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